Summer Profile: Brittani Neumann


Photo: David Bartholomew/Iowa State Daily

Brittani Neumann, sophomore in biology, will be taking her excitement across the Atlantic this summer as she travels throughout Ireland, Scotland, and England, including a stop at the Summer Olympics in London. Photo: David Bartholomew/Iowa State Daily

David Bartholomew

Editor’s Note: 

Summer lovin’ is on everyone’s minds these days and the Daily wanted to find out what students’ plans were for the summer.

So we asked around and ran into several students who were delighted to share their plans with us. From Long Beach to Ames to London; from working on planes to training for a marathon to attending the Olympics, it is clear that Iowa State students will be very busy this summer. 


Name: Brittani Neumann

Year/Major: Sophomore/Biology

Always wanting to take a trip across the pond, Neumann will be spending the summer studying abroad in London, England at the University of Middlesex, located in Trent Park in the northern part of the city.

“I’m going to London for five weeks. I also plan on going to Ireland a week ahead of time because my aunt lives in Northern Ireland,” Neumann said.

Furthermore, Neumann was also lucky enough to obtain tickets to several men’s and women’s volleyball matches at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

“The program gave us a website to go through to get tickets; they were actually reasonably priced.”

If that wasn’t enough of an event-filled trip, Neumann mentioned that she hopes to travel to places like Belgium, France and throughout England while she is there.

Because of the extensive rail lines and cheap flights available from point to point in Europe, travel is relatively inexpensive for young people; she plans to babysit her cousins in the weeks before her trip to help pay for her travels.

Neumann said that this trip will give her plenty of new experiences that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

“The furthest I’ve gone is to the Bahamas. I’m nervous and excited, but I think this trip is a way for me to prove my independence.”