Joynt: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean revealed at Google I/O

Jordan Joynt

The newest version of Android was revealed at Google I/O, a developer conference used to announce new updates and platforms. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be made available in July and will bring a host of new improvements and UI changes.

The operating system update will be using a new framework called “Project Butter,” which looks to speed up the responsiveness of the user interface and graphics processing.

“Project Butter” will try to provide quick transition times while loading apps and webpages along with reductions in lag time and easily refreshed graphics. Enhanced response time with Jelly Bean works by boosting the device’s CPU when users touch the screen, and will turn down CPU speed with inactivity, improving battery life.

“Gesture Mode” will allow users to apply swipe gestures and voice activation to navigate the operating system’s features as well.

Jelly Bean will include new personalization and custom features on the home screen, enabling widgets and applications to resize, move, and make room for additional apps. Applications and icons will also be larger and easier to tap.

Notifications will be expanded to include calls, emails and Google+, all available in the notification tray.

The camera viewer builds off of some of the features used in Ice Cream Sandwich, using camera and filmstrip view to instantly share and swipe through images in the gallery.

An upgraded Android Beam allows users to easily share a variety of apps, web pages and photos by touching two NFC-enabled Android devices back-to-back. New searching features will be provided with Knowledge Graph, giving ranked search results via voice or web based queries.

Searching will function with Google Now and will provide timely results based on a number of personalized interests including sports, travel and weather.

Jelly Bean will be available in July for Nexus devices.