Dressing for each day of rush

Planning for recruitment attire can be simple since there is a dress code. However, it’ s important not to let this dress code limit your personal style. During rush, it’ s especially important to stand out. I myself went through recruitment, so call these my expert tips for each day.

Day 1: Pair the plain “Go Greek!” shirts with your favorite pair of jeans and sandals. Crop jeggings are just right because not only are they comfortable, but they’ re also clean cut. Crops are the ideal length to show off wedges or gladiator sandals. Sturdy sandals are important since there’ s a ton of walking during recruitment.

Day 2: The second day’ s theme is usually business-casual. Longer skirts and dresses are most appropriate. Think Michelle Obama, as adding colorful cardigans can transform dresses into business casual. A bright button down paired with a simple skirt can also perfect for this day. A pair of closed toe flats will add both class and comfort.

Day 3: Sundress day provides a great opportunity to show off personal style. Floral prints are a sure thing, and these simple dresses open up chances to accessorize. Adding just a belt or a single piece of jewelry can spice up even the most basic dress.

Preference night: Think chic. A cocktail dress is best, but instead of black, try a softer option such as blush or even red. Jazz up the look with some pumps and you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Greeks at Iowa State follow many popular trends and love designers such as Coach, POLO Ralph Lauren and Vera Bradley; even if you’re not in the mood to splurge, follow this guide and dress to impress.