Dustin Evans arrested on theft charges for second time

Liz Zabel

Dustin Evans, 29, was arrested for a second time by the ISU Police Department on May 16 on theft charges in connection with stolen equipment from Iowa State.

An evening police officer on bike patrol observed Evans trespassing on campus carrying what looked to be computer equipment, said Lt. Elliot Florer of ISU Police. When asked, Evans told the officer he was moving the equipment for someone who, Florer said, did not exist.

Evans was arrested and charged with third-degree burglary, a class D felony, and third-degree theft, an aggravated misdemeanor.

Florer said this was not ISU Police’s first encounter with Evans. For years, they have been dealing with him trespassing on campus. Since May of 2002, officers have dealt with Evans 13 times. He is believed to be a homeless man, as he has no known address at this time.

“He was always found sleeping in buildings on campus,” Florer said. “That’s why we encourage people to call the ISU Police Department when they see things out of place.”

A year prior to this most recent incident, Evans was arrested on charges for stealing computer equipment. He was found in the MWL Commons with three laptops and two LCD projectors.

This second arrest on burglary charges happened only a few months after his release from jail from the first arrest.

Cmdr. Jim Robinson of Ames Police confirmed Evans has also been placed on a sex offender registry.