What your clothes say about you

College myth #48259: All students wear sweats to class everyday, and unless it’ s a Saturday night, everyone looks uniformly unstylish.

However, the truth is a little more complicated.

On the days students do choose to dress up, there are more than several options. Here, they are broken down into bite-sized stereotypes for easy digestion.

The Fashionista

Are you working on getting your Vogue subscription forwarded to Friley Hall? Have you measured the exact distance between the Memorial Union and North Grand Mall? Do you get Ayden Lee tweets forwarded to your phone?

If any of these questions sound even a little reasonable, you’ll find yourself in good company. Between our top-ranked apparel programs and our several fashion publications, Iowa State’s student population is surprisingly in tune with today’s trends, and no one will bat an eye if you wear your favorite 4-inch heels to the Hub for an evening coffee.

The Individualist

So maybe you’re not one for labels. You might be more interested in finding the newest bands at the Maintenance Shop or searching out Tumblr for inspirational images.

Your skinny jeans might look a little disproportionate with your giant portfolio bag — we’re assuming you’re in the College of Design here — but you have a passion, and it’s your prerogative to share it with the world. Whether half your head is shaved or you have a plaid shirt collection large enough to rival that of any lumberjack, you’ll be as welcomed on campus in quiet courtyards as you will be at the Vinyl Café on Kellogg Avenue.

The Smart One

These days it’s hard to find a good pocket protector, but that’s not really a problem for you since you know it’s easy to dress smartly in clean and neat staples rather than covering yourself in the pleated, high-waisted pants of yore.

Between studying at Coover Hall and weekly meetings at your dorm where you act as your floor’s treasurer, it’s hard to balance homework time and a social life while still spending that extra moment to add a little flair to your basics. However, with a little time management, even shopping for that departmental dance can be made into a science.

The Athlete

There are a few reasons so many students go to the Lied Recreation Center: endorphins, strength-building and, probably the most relevant, looking good. But whatever your motivation for those Pilates classes or extra reps, there are a few names for you: jock, stud or elliptical queen. Dressing for class often means just throwing on a pair of sweats over some basketball shorts, but your energetic nature and most likely stunning physique sometimes can put the clothes as a second priority. Just remember, it’s not the 1990s anymore, and wearing just that sports bra will make you look like Sporty Spice. You have been cautioned.