What your wedding veil says about you

Laura Bucklin

The wedding veil is truly a defining part of any bride’s apparel. Originally, veils were worn to protect the bride from evil spirits, but today it is simply an accessory. There are many things to consider when purchasing a veil such as your face shape, dress, location, hairstyle and more. Also, different types of veils give the bride different looks. Below is what vibe each veil gives off, which may help when trying to find the right veil for your wedding.

Lace Veil

Lace veils are very gorgeous and go well with simple dresses. The lace veil also screams romance. This is a great veil for a young fashionista who is a hopeless romantic. Be sure to be very selective when choosing which lace you’d like to use to ensure it looks great with your dress.

Cathedral Veil

Cathedral veils equal drama. They look great with any classic wedding dress but require a lot of attention during the ceremony, because the wedding party must help when the bride is walking, making sure it looks okay for pictures and such. Another fun aspect to the cathedral veil is that it will also add drama to your photos if taken outside, because they tend to blow in the wind. A bride in a cathedral veil will definitely demand attention wherever she goes.

Visor and Birdcage Veils

Visor and birdcage veils became popular in the ’60s and tend to be super funky and fun while still looking great with a classic wedding dress. Visor veils also look cute with a shorter hairstyle or up-do. These veils can easily be spruced up with a flower, bow or feather embellishment. They can be unique and easy-going veil for a wedding day.

Fingertip Veils

Fingertip veils are the most popular. They are also great for any wedding dress style. This veil gives off the classic bride look and is simple. Dynamics can be added to this veil including lace embellishments, a blusher and much more. This is a very versatile veil that is easy to manage the day of the wedding.

Customized Veils

For extra drama, brides can get their veils custom-made. Some go so far as to add Swarovski crystals or pearls, but customized veils can also be edged with silk ribbon lace and more. The great thing about customized veils is that you can match it to your dress perfectly.