Spring art sale supports student artists


Photo: Jayme Wilken/Iowa State Daily

Jodan Goldie, senior in integrated studio arts; Eleni Achrazoglou, senior in integrated studio arts; and Sean Roper, senior in art and design, set up for the College of Design Art Club Spring Art Sale on Wednesday, April 25. There were ceramics, textiles and printmaking among other arts.

Alexandra Smith

A table is set up and ready, stacked with handmade pots, bowls, plates, mugs, cups and much more. Another table holds handmade prints from hard-working students. Everything has a sticker on it and is ready to be sold.

This would be the College of Design Art Club’s Spring Art Sale on its first day in the Design School Forum outside the dean’s office. The sale runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Friday.

“I’ve already spent $100 and a lot of students and professors have already come through to buy pieces,” said Jodan Goldie, CODAC president and senior in integrated studio arts.

There are plenty of reasons to come out to the art sale and support not only ISU students, but artists of the future. Seventy percent of the proceeds go back to the artist, while the remaining 30 percent goes to CODAC to fund guest speakers and trips for the club.

Ingrid Lilligren, director of integrated studio arts, decided to donate all of her proceeds to the club. 

“It’s a very cool thing because she’s a professor and has very professional work,” Goldie said.

Lisa Fontaine, associate professor of art and design, comes every year to buy pots and plates.

“I always come because the sale supports the students and I love all kinds of art,” Fontaine said.

Jamie Cunningham, senior in architecture, is a regular of the spring art sale as well. Besides the CODAC art sale, Cunningham frequents art shows elsewhere. 

“I go to art sales in Des Moines to buy jewelry and pottery,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham said she loves the bowls and the coffee cups.

Students and professors come to the art sale to support the student body.

“I love the uniqueness of the pieces, but also I’m a very practical person and all of the pieces are very usable,” Cunningham said.

Supporting the students is not the only reason to come to the Spring Art Sale.

“The prices and the original aspect of all the pieces is a good reason to come. Also, it’s local and I love that,” Cunningham said.

There is still time to catch some of the good prices and original pieces made by Iowa State’s own art and design students. Students and professors alike are encouraged to make their way over to the Design School and pick up some unique pieces for their kitchen, dining area or for display in their homes.