ISU Police establish safety during Veishea

Jamie Lauten

With an increase of visitors heading to Ames to celebrate Veishea, safety and security are a concern. However, Lt. Elliot Florer of the ISU Police assured that his department along with the Story County and Iowa State Patrol police forces will be heavily staffed and ready to handle any situation.

ISU Police will be taking a similar approach as they have in past years in regards to student and visitor safety, Florer said. One of the department’s main goals is to educate students on what actions to take and how to react if something dangerous were to occur.

Florer said he wants students and the community to have a good time during the weeklong festivities, but to party smart at the same time. He explained the importance of always having a designated driver and said students need to remember to not hesitate to call 911 if things get out of hand.

“Let’s Be Frank” is a spring safety campaign featuring a flamingo that ISU Police use to educate and inform students on what to do in case of an emergency. The campaign has a Facebook page where students can learn more about the message.

Paige Yoder, freshman in industrial engineering, has never attended Veishea before, but she said she understands the importance of remaining safe during Veishea.

“I know I’m going to have to be extra careful that week, but I also trust in our law enforcement to do their job,” Yoder said. “I feel very safe here and I don’t think Veishea should make me feel any less.”

During Veishea, police officers will be posted at each residence hall like they are at any other point in the school year.

“All we can really do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” Florer said.