College Democrats, College Republicans to face off in Caucus Cup

Morgan Fleener

The ISU College Republicans and College Democrats will be debating for the Caucus Cup at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the South Ballroom of the Memorial Union.

College Democrats president Abhishek Vemuri and his team have selected Michael Glawe (also a Daily columnist), Annie Hartnett, Spencer Hughes and Ross Kimm to represent the Democrats in discussing and generating an informative discussion that Vemuri hopes people can learn from.

“Our debaters will use reasoned argument to try and convince the judges, and hopefully the audience members, that letting some of the Bush tax cuts expire is in the best interests of our country, both socially and economically,” Vemuri said. “We also hope that our debate will correct some misconceptions there might be out there concerning U.S. tax policy.”

Along with three Republican members Caitlyn Van Dame, David Peterson and Kyle Etzel, College Republicans president Forrest Irvine will defend their views on why they believe taxing the wealthier is unfair in society today.

“I think the debate will be fun because of the debate itself and the discussion that will be made,” Irvine said. “With lots of interaction, it will be exciting to see the compromises and points that each team will bring.”

Vemuri and Irvine both expect a great outcome from both the opposing and their own teams.

“Ultimately, it would be great to win, but even if we lose, we hope people leave more informed and perhaps even willing to go research some of these issues on their own,” Vemuri said. “That’s a victory for everybody. “

As a campus kickoff and pre-debate rally, there will be an event in room 3505 of the Memorial Union starting at 5 p.m. for anyone wishing to attend before the debate.