Top 10 traditions to enjoy at Veishea 2012

Katherine Klingseis

Veishea is one of Iowa State’s oldest and most famous traditions. At Veishea, there are many other traditions that the ISU community holds dear. Here are the top 10 traditions you should celebrate at Veishea 2012:

1. Eat a cherry pie

Nothing’s more American than apple pie, but nothing’s more Veishea than cherry pie. The department of hotel, restaurant and institution management has been selling cherry pies since 1920, two years prior to the first Veishea. The cherry filling was chosen to commemorate George Washington’s birthday. This year, approximately 8,000 pies will be made and sold, with the raised money used for student scholarships.

2. Attend the parade

People of all ages attend the Veishea parade to see floats, bands, performers and much more. The parade, which originally only allowed departmental clubs to enter floats, now has floats created by a variety of different groups.

3. Get a Taste of Veishea

Vendors will be at Veishea selling a wide range of cuisines. For instance, Veishea attendees can buy gyros, hot dogs, funnel cakes, popcorn, pizza and much more. For those looking to quench their thirst, vendors also sell pop, lemonade, snow cones and other refreshments.

4. Take a stroll through Veishea Village

Veishea attendees can look at the displays showcased by colleges, departments, student organizations and the Ames community at Veishea Village. Veishea Village lets people explore what the Iowa State and Ames communities have accomplished. The exhibits are also judged, and winners receive trophies.

5. Gaze at the Stars Over Veishea

Veishea and ISU Theatre collaborate to stage a musical each year. This year, the show will be “Rent.” “Rent” is about a group of eight friends living in New York. The friends must deal with the negative effects of AIDS. “Rent” is a powerful musical, and it should be interesting to see how ISU students play the iconic characters.

6. Grab your crew and go to the canoe races

Canoe races used to be just between dormitory, fraternity and sorority teams. Now, canoes races are open to all ISU students. If you are feeling adventurous, grab a partner or two and race in a canoe across Lake Laverne. If not, just take a seat near the lake and watch the teams compete.

7. Jam out at Live @ Veishea

Live @ Veishea this year has big names, like Jay Sean and Hot Chelle Rae. It also has a wide variety of musical acts — from hip hop to country. Hopefully, the weather will not put a damper on the performances, like it did last year. Let’s hope for clear skies.

8. Try food from all over the world

The international food fair lets Veishea attendees sample food from countries all over the globe. Some food items require attendees to be adventurous and try food they’ve never even heard of before. However, if you aren’t ready to be too adventurous in your eating choices, you can always stick to dishes you already know

9. Perform at Cyclone Idol or Veishea Says I’m Funny

Amateur singers and comedians can compete at Cyclone Idol or Veishea Says I’m Funny. If you are even thinking about performing, you should sign up and compete. Even if you don’t do well, it will still make for a good story.

10. Go to a campus show

During the course of a week, breakdancers, a hypnotist, a comedian, a juggler, a magician and a regurgitator will all be on the ISU campus. Catch one show or two or all of them. Just don’t try some of the performers’ tricks at home.