Fashion Show 2012 struts its style

Kiana Roppe

Excitement is building throughout campus as students prepare for this year’s Fashion Show, which will take place at 7 p.m. Saturday in Stephens Auditorium.

The show will feature guest designer Todd Snyder, an ISU alumnus.

The Fashion Show is in its 30th year and still thriving. This is largely due to the hard work of the Iowa State students who run the show.

One such student is Kayla Alfrey, junior in apparel merchandising, design and production, one of the directors for the design committee. This is her second year in the class. Last year she was accepted as a committee member, and because she did well, she was chosen as one of the directors this year.

“She knows a lot about what goes on backstage as well as the process of getting the garments from the designers and to the runway,” said Lisa Bradshaw, one of the producers for the Fashion Show.

As director, Alfrey helps choose the guest judges, make sure they are taken care of while at Iowa State, set up events like Fit Night and Judging Day, and work backstage at the show.

“We create the order of the show, along with assisting with outfit changes for the models, and making sure the overall atmosphere of backstage is run smoothly,” Alfrey said.

ISU students who are interested in working for the fashion show can apply to be a committee member by filling out an application. The producers choose the applicants they feel would make the best committee members, and students who prove themselves can apply to be a director the following year like Alfrey did.

The Fashion Show is a class, first and foremost. First year students take AESHM 271 while students who get involved a second or third time, are placed into AESHM 471. It is graded based on quizzes, participation and attendance at events.

“As a class we meet once a week throughout the spring semester in preparation for the show,” Alfrey said.

The Fashion Show is full of talent and excitement, but every little detail from the brochure handed out before the show to the order of models is the result of hard work and dedication on the part of the students.

“Although I was backstage last year, along with this year, seeing the excitement of the models during the show and being able to watch them take the spotlight on the runway knowing you made that happen is exciting and rewarding,” Alfrey said.

Tickets for the Fashion Show are $16 for ISU students with an ID, same for children and $22 for adult tickets. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend.