Veishea Cy Cab quizzes ISU community members

Nick Andrade

Fans of the popular Discovery Channel series “Cash Cab,” rejoice. Iowa State’s own version is coming to Veishea for a second year.

The premise around Iowa State’s spinoff of “Cash Cab,” Cy Cab, is similar to the show.

The Cy Cab vehicle escorts visitors around the Veishea festivities while the driver asks the passengers a variety of questions.

“There’s someone asking you Iowa State trivia, Veishea trivia and some pop culture trivia,” said Jon Sukup, Veishea recruitment co-chairman.

Being knowledgeable in these areas comes with a reward in the form of a small prize.

The Cy Cab will have minor changes from last year.

“We plan to really revamp it and really have it out there, so we hope it’s more successful this year,” said Veishea recruitment co-chairwoman Alyssa Domagalski.

This year Cy Cab’s questions will be even broader, and the prizes may be bigger.