Veishea committee members excited to see hard work ‘pay off’

Morgan Fleener

In 1922, professor Frank D. Paine combined the first letters of the colleges at that time to come up with a word that would stick with the ISU community for decades to come: Veishea.

Standing for Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics and Agriculture, Veishea is an annual weeklong celebration in the spring to provide a variety of education, entertainment and opportunities at Iowa State.

Veishea consists of events including concerts, competitions and other activities that will help keep the ISU community engaged and involved in the celebration Monday through Sunday.

The two general co-chairpersons, BJ Brugman and Kayla Nielsen, work together with an executive board to help oversee 14 Veishea committees that include covering parts of the week such as public relations, the parade and forms of entertainment that need to be tended to.

Brugman encouraged all students to attend as many student competitions and events as possible to help make the Veishea experience the most successful it can be.

Looking at the time, hard work and preparation put into the week, Brugman feels the week will be exciting and satisfying to watch unfold for everyone visiting Iowa State to help contribute and participate in the celebration.

“It’s so much fun to see all the hard work of our executive board members and our committee members pay off,” Brugman said. “Seeing the big picture of Veishea come together is the most rewarding of all.”

With many members of the ISU community being introduced to their first Veishea, some students may not know what to expect from their first taste of the celebration.

Students and staff are encouraged to check out social networking, posters, flyers and z-cards to figure out what events will best call out their personal interests of what to attend.

Danielle Andrews, freshman in biology, is anxious to see what memories can be made during her first experience of the event.

“I am really looking forward to all the concerts and other entertainment the committee has got together for Iowa State,” Andrews said. “It will be a great week of celebration that can wrap the end of the school year up with a positive note.”

Nielsen feels one of the greatest parts about Veishea is knowing the celebration has something to offer for everyone, and people are able to come together with great company participating in many different activities.

“I really enjoy the Veishea executive and other committee members getting to hang in the office and around campus all week,” Nielsen said. “We share frustrations, laughs and many more memorable experiences together. It’s a great opportunity to help reflect on that success.”

Including activities from previous years, Veishea 2012 will also add the Smoke Over Veishea barbecue competition and Club Veishea, which will offer a whole new environment for students looking for a club atmosphere.

Veishea 2012 has been able to add a mobile website for this year, so all Veishea details are available on the go and will be able to provide instant gratification of knowing what is going on around campus.

For more information regarding times of events or any other details about events occurring, visit