Muziki for Africa — Jammin’ for a good cause

Liz Zabel

The group Hope 4 Africa @ ISU is having a benefit concert titled “Muziki 4 Hope” at Zeke’s (3329 Lincoln Way) Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m.

The concert will feature a lineup of three local bands including Helms Deep, Bull of Arc and The Real Quaid.

Bennett Coffman, junior in industrial engineering and president of Hope 4 Africa @ ISU said the bands range from mellow to upbeat.

All of ticket sales, T-shirt sales and donations will be going toward the Music 4 Hope program of the non-profit organization, Hope 4 Africa.

Moses Bomett, president and CEO of the organization, came up with the idea while attending high school in Des Moines. Bomett came to America from Kenya and noticed some real disparities between the two countries. He decided to organize a club as an effort to help make a difference.Now, the club is an official non-profit organization that provides funds for Kenyan schools.

“We’re going to a concert to spread the joy of music to someone who doesn’t have access to it,” Coffman said, commenting on how cool it is that by listening to music himself, he can benefit others. “If you like music, [this is] a good concert, and you’ll be supporting the cause.