College of Design Art Club to host spring sale

Alexandra Smith

The College of Design Art Club will host a spring art sale in the foyer outside the dean’s office in the College Of Design. The sale take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m Wednesday through Friday.

The CODAC Spring Art Sale occurs every semester. Most proceeds from the sale go back to the artists with only some going back to the Art Club to help pay for guest speakers and trips.

The sale includes ceramics, fibers/textiles, painting, photography, printmaking, wood and metals.

Jodan Goldie, president of the club, said there is usually a big turnout.

“Wednesday’s always the bigger day,” Goldie said. “People come and scope things out, then Friday there usually isn’t much left.”

The art show contains mostly ceramics, but there are a wide variety of things including silk scarfs and prints.

“The CODAC art sale is good because students can earn money for the work and get their work out there at the same time,” Goldie said.

Sean Roper, senior in art and design, has entered work this semester and last semester. He has entered cups, mugs, containers, bowls, tea cups and whole dinner sets. Roper said last semester turned out very well for him, so he entered work again.

“It took me about the whole semester to finish these pieces for the art show,” Roper said.

Roper doesn’t feel too bad about departing from his artwork.

“I really want to sell my pieces because I can’t keep them all. They would fill up everything in my home, all the cabinets and drawers,” Roper said.

Roper estimates his pieces are going for between $8 to $20, with a couple pieces that are higher.

CODAC is a club that gives people like Roper an opportunity to put their artwork out there while earning some cash. CODAC was started before any other club used to be around and it used to be much bigger.

“CODAC was bigger before more special interest clubs started like photo club and such. We’d like to set up a booth at ClubFest to get more students interested, like even biology or chemistry students that might be interested in art,” Goldie said.