Romney takes Washington as Super Tuesday looms

Thaddeus Mast

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the Washington caucuses on Saturday, gaining momentum for Super Tuesday.

The former Massachusetts governor won 37.6 percent of the vote, beating out Ron Paul with 24.8 percent and Rick Santorum with 23.8 percent. Newt Gingrich received 10.3 percent of the votes.

The fight for Washington was between Paul and Santorum for second. Paul has not done well overall, with only 20 delegates to his name. In comparison, Romney has 173 and Santorum holds 87 delegates, with Gingrich holding 33.

“I don’t think Paul is every going to end up in a strong position,” said Mack Shelley, university professor of political science.

Although he appears to be out of the running, Paul is not doing as poorly as it seems.

“Paul is doing a little bit better in the caucus states than you would think,” Shelley said. “He actually came pretty close to winning in Maine.”

With Super Tuesday, one of the largest and most important voting days of the year, this week, however, anything can change.