Let personality shine in wedding photos

Jolie Monroe

After months of planning and anticipation, the wedding day comes and goes in an instant. In order to keep the memories alive for years to come, plan on hiring a photographer to capture every precious moment.

Dan McClanahan, owner and photographer of McClanahan Studio, shares tips on making sure the photos are picture perfect.

Comfort is key

Building a relationship with your photographer is vital to creating the comfort and trust needed for such important photos.

“Everyone has a different personality, so if you hire a photographer blindly, it might not be as good a fit,” McClanahan said.

One of McClanahan’s recommendations is to use the same photographer for engagement photos as the wedding photos.

At his studio, couples meet the photographer before hire, before the engagement shoot and before the wedding, all in order to build a strong relationship and level of comfort.

Consider pre-engagement meetings and the photo shoot your first big chance to get to know your photographer better to prepare for the wedding day.

“The goal is to make the wedding day stress-free,” McClanahan said.

Knowing your photographer and having your photographer know you are the best ways to be sure the pictures are perfect.

Show the true ‘you’

One of the benefits of getting to know your photographer is that they understand your personality and interests. Knowing these attributes can help the photographer capture the couples’ unique personality.

“It’s awesome when couples can incorporate their hobbies and passions,” McClanahan said.

These passions can be especially important for the engagement photos, so don’t be afraid to create a unique photo shoot by branching out to include some of your favorite things.

McClanahan has worked on photos that included a wedding party on a roller coaster, and another where the couple was playing ultimate Frisbee.

Of course, theme park rides and extreme sports aren’t for everyone, but be sure to make your individual personality shine through in the photos.

Take the time to find the right photographer and get to know them. It can make a huge difference when it comes to the point where they are behind the camera.

“Personality comes out through chatting and planning. You can’t take a couple and stick them in a preconceived idea and expect it to work,” McClanahan said.

The photos will last a lifetime, so make sure you’ll be completely satisfied with them before settling on a photographer.