Make them different: Bridesmaid dress trends for 2012

Bridesmaids have the main duty of making sure the bride looks perfect and is calm on that big day, as they are some of the most important people in a bride’s life. When it comes to bridesmaid fashion, why shouldn’t bridesmaids look great too?

In the past, a bride picked one dress for all of the closest girls in her life. This led to many bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable while having to wear an unflattering dress. Whether it was due to an unfortunate color or an uncomplimentary cut, bridesmaids were commonly known to never put the dress on again. Now that it is 2012, all of that is changing.

What’s trending?

A few trends are emerging for bridesmaid dresses that will make it easier for everyone to feel and look great on that special person’s big day. Variations in color and style are becoming more and more popular as brides are realizing a happier bridesmaid equals a happier wedding.

Kayse Carter, owner of local bridal shop Pure Bridal, shares trends she has seen since opening her store earlier this year.

“A lot of girls are coming in who pick the color but leave the style decision up to each bridesmaid,” Carter said, “Strapped dresses work for busty girls and a tighter style for a littler girl.”

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look coordinated, but there is no harm in changing up the style to allow for bridesmaids’ unique styles to shine through.

Carter said, “Girls think having different styled dresses adds a little flare to their bridal party but usually keep a set color.”

Keeping a set color or applying other simple rules such as length or strap type is a great way to let bridesmaids have some reign while keeping the bride comfortable with their decisions. Also, if uniformity is a priority, using the same accessories, shoes or hairstyle can be a great alternative to having the same dress.

Big spender

Since being a bridesmaid means spending the money, brides are realizing that choosing a dress that can be worn again is a big plus. Designers are also finding more ways to make dresses functional for work and even other types of parties.

Carter shared that Pure Bridal aims to choose dresses from the hundreds of styles at the market that can be worn again.

She said Pure Bridal is “not the place for a dress that you will put on once and never want to wear again.”