CRU spreads the Gospel in Panama City

Mary-Kate Burkert

CRU at Iowa State is gearing up for an alternative spring break trip, and their prep-work is far from that of the average college student heading south for parental-free fun. The interdenominational Christian group is traveling to Panama City to share the gospel and gather in fellowship.

“With more than 100,000 college students on spring break in Panama City, it is a great place for students to go and communicate with their peers about their faith,” said Clint Van Steenis, intern for CRU at ISU.

CRU’s alternative spring break is known as the “Big Break.” It is a conference during the month of March hosted by the Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. The Big Break will be held at the Edgewater Beach Resort and is intended to provide participants with the training and experience necessary to share the Gospel on their college campuses upon their return.

“I went last year and am going again this year,” said Michael Patterson, president of Campus Crusade for Christ and graduate student in electrical and computer engineering. “It’s a great time, and I really enjoy talking to people on the beach and seeing if they are interested in talking about Jesus. Many people are actually open to talking with us, and I’ve had some great conversations.”

Along with opportunities to evangelize on the beach and biblical teaching sessions, optional seminars on topics such as apologetics, web evangelism and worldviews are offered to participants. Last year’s Big Break included 2,985 college students, and 12,862 spiritual conversations took place.

“Having college students share their faith with peers is impactful because they are going through the same struggles,” Van Steenis said. “A lot of students are trying to balance schoolwork with everything else. A lot of students are also trying to balance their faith with society.”