Design Program Night guides underclassmen in choosing majors

Alexandra Smith

Freshmen interested in the College of Design gathered in the first floor of the Design Building on Tuesday night to learn more about the college and its departments. Professors and directors from a number of programs came to represent and answer questions about their work.

This was an opportunity for students to get to know and be more assured of their goals throughout college and after. The event was scheduled right before it was time to sign up for classes, giving students a better understanding of where they are heading.

“I think it helps everybody. It’s a good idea to let students see what else is out there,” said Natalie Buskohl, sophomore in design who has decided on integrated studio arts to be her major. 

When students enter into the design program, they are still left with another big decision to make with all the majors offered.

Will Prindle, lecturer of industrial design, explained why he thought industrial design is a good major for students.

“Industrial design makes for a broad experience,” he said. “There are so many options in it.”

In industrial design, he said it is easy for students to change their mind and move on to something else in the major.

“You could be working for someone making kitchen knives and then decide you want to design a different product,” Prindle said.

Tasha Obrin, senior in biological and premedical illustration said, “BPMI is a great way to mix science and art if you’re interested in science.”

Students choosing BPMI could go on to work making veterinary medical illustrations or drawing pictures for textbooks and many other jobs combining plants and animals.

Design Program Night offered representatives from architecture, integrated studio arts, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, community and regional planning and others to enlighten students on where they want to head in their journey through college.