Plan perfect spring picnic

Joy Wessels

Spring has officially sprung, and nothing says it better than enjoying a picnic outdoors. Dress it down and keep it casual with your friends, or spice it up to make it a memorable first date. Here are some tips on planning a successful picnic.

The basics

You’ll need something to carry all of your food, so if it’s a last-minute plan, any run-of-the-mill cooler will do. But if you want to look well prepared, Target sells a wide range of picnic baskets, like its metro basket priced at $30.

You should also consider taking a blanket to spread out. If your picnic is earlier in the day, the grass still might be wet, so you’ll definitely want something to sit on.

The food

The success of your picnic relies primarily on what you bring to eat, so make it as practical and easy as possible. Do this by selecting finger foods to take with you: sandwiches, fresh fruit (like apples, grapes or watermelon), chips and drinks in spill-proof containers.

To impress your date, bake some homemade cookies to bring along and consider buying glass-bottled refreshments. 

Don’t forget to bring a small trash bag to throw all of your garbage in afterward.

Where to go

Ames is home to several beautiful and scenic parks. The only challenge is to pick one suited to your occasion.

Ada Hayden is located just north of Ames and has a beautiful lake with walking trails, shelters, picnic tables and grills. If you want to picnic here, do it on a day that isn’t very windy. It can get pretty breezy and you don’t want your food to blow away.

Brookside Park is located just off of Sixth Street. It’s covered in trees, which makes it the perfect location for a spring picnic. Bring a Frisbee or softball to toss around after you eat at this spacious park.

For more locations, check out the city of Ames’ website