Alday encourages architects to communicate with the environment

Alexandra Smith

Inaki Alday came to visit Iowa State’s campus Wednesday night. Alday shared some of his work he has done throughout the years with Aldayjover Architecture and Landscape. He also spoke of some of the roles architects should play and expectations and goals they should have.

Alday said he thinks architects should use the environment when creating projects. He also emphasized the power of communication. When people have an idea he said it is best to communicate it to make sure it meets the desires of the city and that it ecologically fits into its surroundings.

Alday spoke of when he saw his work actually finished.

“When you see people using your architecture you feel happy and that you’re doing something people care about,” he said.

Alday said that some goals an architect should have are to do more energy saving and move towards the integration of multiple scales and logic. Also, he said that architects should create a system of new technology and renovate the older technology.

Alday went over the role an architect should play in society. He said they should manage complexity, widening their range of activities. Also they should take “political” activity by spreading education.

“Architects should do more then create beautiful things — they should be relevant,” Alday said. He said people should be relevant in society by knowing how to solve problems and help cultural development.

“Architects have to be activists through design, it’s their social commitment and responsibility,” Alday said.