Jennifer Drinkwater’s Interactive Magnet Art

Alexandra Smith

“These are magnets they can live anywhere in the paintings.” This is what a stand reads in Christian Peterson art museum where Jennifer Drinkwater has took a whole new spin on art, making art interactive. Every Friday during the spring semester Drinkwater will be at Christian Peterson art museum in Morill Hall answering students questions and helping them make magnets.

Jennifer took Grant Woods artwork called, When Tillage Begins, Other Art Follow, which is displayed in Parks Library and made a smaller version with elements in the artwork missing. Students are invited to add magnets to the paintings where ever they like, there are some magnets already made, or you can make your own.

Wood was a former ISU student. Wood planned on making 17 murals for Parks Library but only 12 were completed. The six that didn’t get completed where going to be depicting; theater, sculpture, painting, poems, music, and architecture. There were never any sketches found or anything for the remaining six. The magnets are supposed to represent the six missing pieces in the collection. Although anything can be put on the paintings, there are magnets from the Facebook logo to an IPOD.

“I was inspired to do this because I wanted to work on something Iowa specific. I also like that it is interactive and not just my vision,” Drinkwater said.

Drinkwater explains that in the 1930’s when Wood created these paintings the University was in a lot of the same financial climate as it is now and artwork distracted people from that.

“The art built up the beauty, Iowa State has some of the biggest public displays of art,” Drinkwater says.