Ames business offer opportunities to work out with others

Nick Andrade

Whether you are training for a marathon or just trying to fit into your favorite jeans, working out in a group can be more productive and more fun. Ames offers several locations that can help you achieve your physical fitness goals while doing just that.

ISU Recreation Services

Located right here on campus, State Gym and Lied Recreation Center offer more than 100 different classes.

“We have several different classes, from cycling and aqua to high and low intensity workouts and classes like yoga, meditation and mind-body,” said Nora Hudson, assistant director of fitness and wellness.

One of the more popular classes is Zumba, which has recently had its largest attendance in its history.

Hudson also said that working out in groups is more beneficial than working out alone.

“Research shows that people are more successful when working out in groups because it increases accountability,” Hudson said.

All classes are free to ISU students.

Ames Racquet & Fitness Center

Off campus, one option for group fitness is Ames Racquet and Fitness at 320 S. 17th St., which offers 80 classes.

All of its classes are offered at its north, south and west locations. Its group classes are for people of all skill levels, ages and interests.


Kosama’s entire program involves group fitness. Its 8-week classes are designed to work every muscle in your body by using upper and lower body workouts, kettlebell workouts, yoga, kickboxing and plyometrics.  It is located at 546 Main St.

Surefire Fitness

Locally owned, Surefire Fitness at 26 S. Third St. gives you the opportunity to work out with one of its experienced trainers alongside a couple of your friends.

It also offers its boot camp class, which incorporates unique objects such as kettlebells and nylon ropes into the workout. Its classes are great for people at all fitness levels.  They have different classes each day, which decreases your chance of getting bored. 

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

The newest addition to Ames’ variety of fitness centers is Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping.  Its new location will open at east Lincoln Way.

Farrell’s classes incorporate upper and lower body workouts, kickboxing and resistance bands. Its classes are led by coaches who are there to support you both inside and outside of the gym.

 “Everybody gets a coach, and they are there to encourage you and call you to see how you are doing with your fitness goals,” said Lisa Wildman, franchise owner of Farrell’s.