Terry Allen hosts ‘Live Talk’ in Morrill Hall

Alexandra Smith

The name might not sound familiar, but look around campus, and you will see some of Terry Allen’s artwork. Allen will be coming to ISU campus for a “Live Talk” at 6 p.m. on Thursday in 2019 Morrill Hall.

This will give students the chance to talk to the artist that has contributed to Iowa State’s campus. Allen created neon light fixtures that are hung all around the new State Gym as well as many displays of art in Morrill Hall at the Christian Petersen Art Museum, which is open free to the public.

Terry’s artwork within the State Gym is called “A Public Perception,” which displays 18 neon fixtures.

Much of his artwork displayed in Morrill Hall takes a more humorous approach. Allen is also a songwriter and musician and has written for and worked for radio and theater.

Allen will be talking about his interests and projects in art and music. He has done a lot of work within the art community: creating sculptures, drawings and videos.

After his talk, Allen will have an exhibit showcase with his creative process as an artist from the beginning of his career to present day. The exhibit will feature many of his drawings and notebooks.