Paint Pushers critique art and artists

Alexandra Smith

Paint Pushers, a group of people in

Des Moines, were at the Memorial Union on Wednesday to give artists

their opinions.

Paint Pushers is an art enthused

group of people that meet on the first Wednesday of every month.

They come together with their work and give critiques both good and


Lots of artists appreciate getting

the advice of other people to improve their work. All the Paint

Pushers and students met and showed the artwork they had been

working on and accepted comments from each individual.

Charlotte Redman, president of Paint

Pushers said, “When critiquing a piece of artwork, I like to get to

know the artist, where they’re going and where they came from.”

Charlotte heard about Paint Pushers through a professor at

Grandview College in 2001.

Kristine Clemons, the show director,

said, “The background of an artist influences the individual’s art

a lot.”

For this reason, when a student puts

up a piece of artwork, they would stand up and say who they were

influenced by and what the art represented.

“It takes a lot of courage to stand

up and do this without knowing anyone,” Redman said before the

critique started.

Students put their work out there

enjoying the experience and sharing in the knowledge of the members

of Paint Pushers. The Paint Pushers displayed their artwork and

went through the critique process with everyone.

The paintings from the Paint Pusher

group will be up in the Gallery Room of the Memorial Union until

Feb. 14. Students are encouraged to make their way over to the

Gallery to check out the work. Paint Pushers meets once a month in

Des Moines and is open to the public.