Iowa Legislature – Week 1 brief

Matt Wettengel

Week 1 (Jan. 9 to Jan. 13)

Bills introduced:

• House File 2023 — Increases the penalty for domestic assault abuse cases when the assailant “knowingly impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another.”

• House File 2033 — Bill requiring that physicians certify in a woman’s medical record that she has had an ultrasound and the opportunity to view image and the choice of hearing a description of the image and hearing the heartbeat of the fetus before she receives an abortion.

• House File 2034 — Bill that would provide a sales tax exemption for textbooks used by students of a public or private Iowa postsecondary educational institution. Only applies to textbooks purchased between 12:01 a.m. on the third Friday of August and midnight the following Saturday.

• House File 2038 — Establishes a requirement for random drug testing of those receiving unemployment compensation benefits.

• House Study Bill 520 — Addition of language pertaining to bedbugs in residential property units to the residential landlord and tenant act. This bill clarifies that failure to report bedbugs within seven days of moving in acknowledges that the property is free of bedbugs and that a tenant’s failure to report bedbugs within 48 hours of their discovery makes them liable for “bedbug control expenses.”

• House Joint Resolution 2002 — Proposes an amendment to the Iowa Constitution, which creates four-consecutive-term limits for representatives and senators in the general assembly.

• House Joint Resolution 2003 — Proposes an amendment to the Iowa Constitution, which prohibits the use of automated traffic law enforcement systems, commonly known as red-light cameras.

• Senate File 2007 — Increases the appropriation made to the college student aid commission by $1.3 million. The program provides assistance to Iowa National Guard members “enrolled as undergraduate students at a community college, a regents university or an accredited private institution.”

• Senate File 2016 — Provides tuition benefits and health care to children of public safety employees who died in the line of duty.

Week 2 (Jan. 17 to Jan. 20) Tuesday, Jan. 17:

• Senate File 462 — Bill establishing certain synthetic cannabinoids schedule 1 controlled substances.

• Senate File 2007 (see above)

• House File 657 — Bill that prohibits late-term abortions with certain exceptions and establishes penalties for abortions performed in violation of the bill.

Wednesday, Jan. 18: Joint session: Condition of the National Guard

Thursday, Jan. 19: Board of Educational Examiners will meet at the Capitol.

Friday, Jan. 20: Last day for individual senator and representative requests for bill drafts to the Legislative Services Agency.