Police provide advice after attempted burglary

Morgan Fleener

The Iowa State Police Division is currently investigating two incidents of attempted theft that have occurred at the Memorial Union in less than a month.

Police reported the first attempted break-in took place on Jan. 12 with no items appearing to be stolen or missing. 

On Jan. 24, authorities were again called to the 1630 Memorial Union student office at around 11:15 p.m. to look into what has now been determined as another attempted burglary, police said. 

Nothing has been found to be taken during either incident. However, the police said they are continuing to investigate whether the two events have any connection with each other.

Lt. Elliot Florer encourages all students to take this time to reflect on what they can do to ensure the safety of their own personal belongings.

“It’s pretty common sense stuff, but it still continues to frequently happen,” Florer said. “Students need to make sure they are locking their residence halls even if they are only going to be gone a short period of time.”

Florer said students also need to take into consideration the dangers of leaving valuables in motorized vehicles.

“If valuables are in your car, take them with you,” Florer said. “If that is not possible, put them where nobody can see them and they are completely out of sight.”

Students may think after an item is stolen they are out of luck in tracking their valuable down. However, Florer says all students should write down the model and serial numbers of their high dollar valuables because this can help make the tracking of stolen items easier for authorities to accomplish by scanning those numbers to locate the missing items.

In regards to the current investigations taking place at the Memorial Union, anyone with any further details or information they feel could help connect police to suspects or other details are encouraged to call ISU police at (515) 294-4428.