Faculty Senate to discuss curriculum changes

Aimee Burch

The Faculty Senate will hold its first meeting of the spring semester Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Great Room of the Memorial Union.

Old business to be discussed includes a proposal to make changes to the department of curriculum and instruction’s educational computing minor. The proposed changes include changing the name of the minor to learning technologies and decreasing the credits required for completion from 17 down to 16 as a result of deleting CI 280A from the curriculum.

The other item of old business set to be voted on is a proposal calling for the discontinuation of the graduate major in zoology. According to the proposal, the program was “de facto discontinued in 2004.” In the last eight years, the program has seen zero students enroll. Eliminating this program will allow officials to “eliminate the catalogue entry and clean up university records,” according to the proposal.

The senate will hear one item of new business during the meeting. It will be presented with a proposal detailing a reorganization plan for the College of Design. According to the proposal, the goal of this process is “to identify and/or create a more appropriate structure for the college to support the mission, values and aspirations of the college.”

This includes the formation of a new mission statement and reorganizing the programs under the college into seven categories. These changes will allow the College of Design to better utilize its resources for its common goal.

The Faculty Senate also will hear one special order from Merry Rankin, director of sustainability, as well as partake in a special election for president-elect of the Faculty Senate.