Goodwill keeps landfills empty


Photo Illustration: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

Goodwill helps protect the environment by accepting computers and other electronics for repurposing through its store.

Taylor Hilsabeck

The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency has declared that computer monitors and televisions are hazardous waste products. Although Ames residents’ environmental wastes are not regulated, there are computer and television disposal options in Ames.

Goodwill Industries, 3718 Lincoln Way, accepts working televisions and any condition computer, laptop, monitor, printer or other computer attachments in any brand, at no charge. 

For almost 110 years, Goodwill has practiced “reduce, reuse, repurpose.” When you donate clothing and other items like books or electronics to Goodwill stores, your donation is giving them a second life and keeping them out of landfills. 

Robyn White, retail director at Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa, said in the past two years, Goodwill has kept over 4 million pounds of usable goods from landfills. 

Goodwill Industries has become a company known for its interest in environmentally friendly practices. Goodwill Headquarters has been powered by 100 percent wind energy since 2010, decreasing the amount of energy sourced from fossil fuels. That same year, Goodwill launched the Donate Movement, “A corporate social responsibility platform and public awareness movement that focuses on the positive impact donating has on the people and planet.”

Last January, the Montgomery County, Md., Green Business Certification program named Goodwill Industries a certified green business for it’s extensive sustainability policies, energy management initiatives and recycling programs. 

If you choose to donate your old computer, it has value as a whole system, parts or raw materials. Donors will receive a receipt for a tax write-off but will also be benefitting the Ames community and protecting the environment.