Letter to the editor: Sieze the day by voting in city runoff election

Carpe Diem (I am writing particularly to anyone that has experienced the LAS 101 Show)! Students are about half the population of Ames. As a former member of the Ames City Council, I know the decisions the council makes often directly impact the lives of students. I know Victoria Szopinski will work hard for the interests of students and place student life as a high priority. This Tuesday, many students will have the opportunity to vote in a run-off election for the 4th Ward City Council representative.

Students who live in Union Drive (voting location — UDCC Room 136) and RCA (voting location in Maple Hall conference room M01B) or West Ames (North of Lincoln Way) are in 4th Ward. Your vote counts! In Iowa, we have same-day voter registration as long as you can show who you are and you currently have an address in the ward.

One freedom we have as Americans is the right to vote! Exercise your right! I urge you to vote for Victoria Szopinski on Tuesday. No excuses! Be a dead poet…