Make your own ugly sweater

The holiday season is full of fun traditions: baking cookies, caroling, visiting Santa and, yes, wearing ugly sweaters. The only thing better than wearing a hideous holiday sweater is knowing you created it yourself. Break out your most outrageous sparkles, felt and puffy paint, because it’s DIY ugly sweater time.


Simply iron an iron-on transfer onto a solid-colored cotton sweatshirt.


Glue two strips of felt horizontally and two strips vertically onto a sweater using strong fabric glue. Next, glue a small square of Velcro onto the center of each open square area. Stick a pom-pom ball onto each Velcro square. Cut out the words “tic-tac-ho” in felt, decorate with glitter glue and secure onto the sweater with glue.

Tinsel vest

Cut the sleeves off of a men’s polo to form a vest. Using a hot glue gun, glue tinsel onto the vest in any pattern you would like.

Plain Ugly

Glue pom-poms, sequins, pipe cleaners and anything else you can find onto a cotton T-shirt or sweatshirt. Go crazy. The tackier, the better.