Letter to the editor: Soldiers serve United States voluntarily

Adam Guenther

I admit that I do not keep up to date on the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq all the time. However, in reading “Republican patriotism excludes those in need,” I was extremely appalled by lecturer Thomas Walker’s letter. I may not agree with things that Republicans stand for, campaign and believe in, but what I can say is the ISU College Republicans’ support of our troops overwhelmingly surpasses lecturer Walker’s anti-solider viewpoint and shows his ignorance on how the U.S. military families deal with their loved ones fighting overseas.

My brother served a tour in Afghanistan and Iraq as a combat medic in the Army; he was gone close to five years. No one asked him to go. Lecturer Walker was correct, he was not conscripted — he volunteered to go. No matter your viewpoint on the two wars, we should all agree that serving our country, especially in our military, is something we should all commend.

Next, I have to admit, I was and still am not 100 percent on what the Intensive English and Orientation Program is. But, I did some searching and it appears that it is an English program for international students. I certainly do not know why a man like lecturer Walker is working with international students when he cannot even represent his own country or embarrassing himself with his anti-patriotism. In a time like the holidays, we should be thinking of those that fight for not only our freedom and quality of life but working to improve those around the world.