Letter to the editor: Republicans ignore Walker’s free speech

Jake Brown

Here it is plain and simple, it is the instructor’s opinion that is stated in the article. Nowhere is there any document or binding law that says what he thinks is wrong or right. He poses many questions in the article that make you think. What he said is not bashing the U.S. military but merely showing people another viewpoint. Troops are paid fairly.

Also, they volunteered to serve, no one forced them. If they can’t pay their bills like other Americans, it’s not because they are not paid enough, it’s because they have poor spending habits and inadequate knowledge of finance. There are a lot of people out there who do a lot more with less. There should be no pity party for the soldiers, our tax dollars take very good care for them.

What we don’t do as a society is help the veterans. Those are the true people who are at a disadvantage. I’ve had family members in the service and they had no issues with how much they got paid or with the benefits they received. The comparison Walker made to baby fetuses is actually a good one. For Pete’s sake, it was a metaphor. As educated people, we should all understand that he is not literally calling soldiers fetuses. Come on, we are all in college and should be able to read comprehensibly by now, and if not, good luck graduating.

It all boils down to a bored young Republican group with no bearing of free speech to twist what he said and make him look like an unappreciative punk. And as for putting this under my door, don’t ever do it again. Do as all other groups on campus do and go to the library and stand out in the elements and talk to people about your concerns. This is wasting paper and time when emails could have been sent or the story spread by word of mouth.

Weakness in the strength of your organization was shown when you could talk to people face to face and have an educated discussion with peers that have differing views. How about we all learn something from this. Everyone has an opinion. Plain and simple. I’m sick of the bipartisan left wing, right wing bull crap.

Find some common ground in the non-elitists society. We are all hard-working people; let’s just get along. More progress will be made that way than fighting amongst ourselves on comments made in a university newspaper.