iDKHow commands Wooly’s audience


I Don’t Know How But They Found Me performing at Wooly’s in Des Moines on June 20. The band is made up of former Panic at the Disco bassist Dallon Weekes and former Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman.

Trevor Babcock

Wanting an audience to just do what they feel like, Dallon Weekes told a crowd of screaming fans to only scream as loud as they want to.

“We’re all about consent in this band,” Weekes said.

Weekes is the bassist and lead vocalist of iDKHow. The swooning fans already welcomed the duo composing iDKHow with deafening shrieks as they took the stage at Wooly’s Thursday night. Weekes, a former Panic! At The Disco bassist, coupled with former Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman and effortlessly entertained their central Iowa fans.

iDKHow, a shortened version of their full name I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, named themselves after a quote from the movie “Back To The Future.” A fitting title, as their modern pop rock sound draws influence from 1980s music trends.

On the stage, all an audience member sees is a bass player and a drummer, but piano, synths, a saxophone and more make up the instrumental palette iDKHow uses. These “invisibile instruments” as Weekes explained to the audience, are invisible due to the fact that they don’t want to pay someone else to play them live. But, what Weekes and Seaman create with just drums and bass guitar alone is intriguing within their medium.

Their radio-friendly rock melodies combined with heavy-picked bass riffs and rapid drumming earns iDKHow a unique sound. On top of clear 1980s influences, complete with a light show straight from the era, iDKHow’s live performance excites with their own admirable brand.

While the band doesn’t quite have a fully developed discography yet, playing a few covers in-between their originals, they fill time in their hour set with audience engagement. Nearly each song had some form of choreographed call and response set up before or during the song. Splitting the crowd down the middle, Weekes left the stage and joined the middle of the crowd to show off his dance moves.

Weekes told stories and jokes with a laid back tone, clearly showing his prowess as a live musician flexing his skills. His stories and humor received just as much reaction as each introduction to a song, demonstrating that his personality draws just as much as the band’s music.

“In a special kind of way, I’m falling in love,” Weekes told the Des Moines crowd, eating up their reception.

With just a few dates left on the iDKHow tour, Weekes said that despite them being tired, the Des Moines crowd,”Woke them up a bit.”