Faculty Senate to meet for December session

Aimee Burch,.Com

The ISU Faculty Senate will hold its final meeting of the fall semester Tuesday, Dec. 6, in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

The Senate will be voting on two items of old business.

A proposal calling for the creation of a minor in U.S. Latino/a studies will give students the opportunity to learn about the history and current issues facing one of the largest minority groups currently in the United States.

According to the proposal, curriculum will include studies in the “educational, psychological, sociological, political, labor, immigration and cultural issues for US Latino/a immigrants and US Latino citizens.”

Senators will also be voting on a proposed amendment change in the Faculty Handbook Section 2.6. Currently the section deals with budgetary committee appointment saying, “Each dean shall have a budget advisory council/committee with significant faculty membership, including at least one faculty senator. The governance document should describe the membership of the college’s budget advisory committee.”

The proposed amendment will make it so that at least half of the committee will be elected by the college’s faculty.

The senators will be presented with two new proposals to be voted on at the January meeting. One proposal calls for changes to be made to the curriculum and instruction educational computing minor. The other proposal will discontinue the current graduate major in zoology.

The Faculty Senate meeting will consist of a variety of special orders of business. The fall 2011 graduation list will be approved, as well as a series of memorial resolutions. Another amendment change in the Faculty handbook, this one in Section 3.1 concerning appointment policies, will be presented to senators.

The Faculty Senate will also honor outgoing ISU President Gregory Geoffroy.

More information on today’s meeting and all proposals can be found at http://www.facsen.iastate.edu/.