Letter to the editor: Republicans support those who risk their lives for liberties

Jeremy Freeman

Why do ISU College Republicans take donations for troops in this Christmas season? It is simple. We are thanking those who defend your right to criticize our endeavor. Are GIs paid enough? No, I don’t believe they are. I would love to see you live and work in their conditions for a week and see how you fare, and how much more money you thinks you deserve for the same job they’re doing. Maybe we should see if you can even make it in one session of Military Science 150. As for the industrial military complex, at least it creates jobs, which is more than we can say for this administration.

We Republicans want and know how to help eliminate poverty in the United States. But the only way the poor will ever be lifted from poverty is for them to be enabled work, so I guess the industrial military complex must be good for the poor by giving them opportunities for employment and thus to better themselves and in the end enabling them to lift themselves from poverty. I agree it is a travesty that soldiers coming home are having a hard time finding jobs. But I have to ask: Have you wrote to Senator Reid asking him why he has stalled at least 15 jobs bills in the Senate?

As for our laissez-faire fantasies, I’d recommend that you stick to your English classes, because you obviously do not understand basic economics. You should also reread some history and remind yourself that the industrial military complex was started under a Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson. I am glad to see that you have gotten the opportunity to express your views. But I must say you are dead wrong; I’d recommend that you take off your tin foil, because your perception on why we did this is dead wrong and reeks of conspiracy theories.

We are supporting our troops, end of story. We are thanking those, who risk their lives so we can be safe and enjoy our liberties. I am also glad to see that this gave you the opportunity to inject your profession into your swipe at ISU College Republicans. Just like English instructors over analyze a good book to the point of ruining it, you have over analyzed what we were doing. Finally I am glad to see that our event gave you an opportunity that you have been waiting for to attack Republicans, even though you had to take what we did and stretch it to fit what you wanted to attack us for.

I am glad that you chose to call me out with your quoting me and giving me this great opportunity to rebut your attacks.