Ames offers several sledding spots


Illustration: Yue Wu/Iowa State

During the winter months, students find the hill at the Knoll a great place to go sledding. 

Kaleb Warnock

As the snow starts to fall, Finals Week draws frighteningly closer and you start digging out the long johns, you know it means only one thing: It’s sledding season.

For those who don’t have the cash to take a trip out to Vail, Colo., for a downhill adventure this winter, there are plenty of places nearby for some thrills, especially for sledding lovers.

Sledding is a cheap way to get out and enjoy the Iowa winter wonderland and relive childhood when we actually had the luxury of snow days. For students who are new to Iowa, do the important thing to be prepared for the winter and get out and buy a sled. Whether it’s a saucer, toboggan or lunch tray, it’s important to find a speedy (and safe) ride appropriate for the sledding location.

Although sledding is one of the more mellow winter sports, there’s plenty of opportunity for injury, so be careful and watch out for trees. Even though you’re not tearing it up in the Alps, be sure to dress appropriately. Especially because the extra padding from snow pants and the Michelin Man winter coat will help stave off bruises and scrapes from the rougher rides.