Care packages, activities get greeks get through Dead Week

Mary-Kate Burkert

With notes, textbooks and review sessions galore, ISU students already are feeling the pressure of their nearing final exams. The greek community was ready to take on the late nights of studying this week with the help of charitable crafts, house mother-made treats, Red Bull energy drinks and care packages from home.

Pi Beta Phi sorority is one of many Greek houses to instill 24-hour quiet time to enable members to focus and really tackle their studies. Along with the distraction-free atmosphere, Pi Beta Phi received snacks every evening provided by their “mom’s club.”

“The Mom’s Club is a group made up of our chapter members’ mothers, and it is led by Ashley Davison’s mom,” said Courtney Sabus, sophomore in nutritional science and member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. “She will take requests from us and then organizes the schedule for nightly snacks. The Mom’s Club does this because they know that we need a social break from studying to keep us energized and focused.”

Last year, the club’s biggest hit snack was funfetti cupcakes.

Delta Tau Delta fraternity enjoys Red Bull during Dead Week and hosted a screening of “The Art of FLIGHT” for all ISU students. The film featured Travis Rice, a professional snowboarder, and was shown Wednesday in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union.

“[The screening] benefits ISU students because you can’t just see this screening anywhere. This will actually be the only screening in the state of Iowa,” said Cameron Johnson, junior in advertising and a member of Delta Tau Delta.

Free Red Bull was offered to event attendees.

“The Art of FLIGHT” was created to give Rice and his friends the opportunity to redefine what is possible in the mountains. In the film, Rice and his friends land new tricks, as well also deal with avalanches and accidents along the way.

The parent’s club co-chairwomen of Sigma Kappa sorority email all of the members’ parents to inform them that care packages are available for purchase for their daughters. The packages are then purchased by the sorority’s co-chairwomen and are fairly uniform. They often include candy, activity books, pens, highlighters and a Starbucks or Panera Bread gift card.

“The care packages are great for the women of SK because they remind them that their parents are proud of them and want them to succeed,” said Shannon Bauer, sophomore in apparel, merchandising and design and a member of Sigma Kappa.