School of Education moves forward to Board of Regents

Kiana Roppe

The College of Human Sciences has submitted a proposal to the Board of Regents to create a new School of Education. The school would combine the current curriculum and instruction department with the educational leadership and policy studies department.

If approved, the school will prove to be beneficial for students and faculty in a number of ways, said Pamela White, dean of the College of Human Sciences.

An excerpt from the mission statement that accompanied the proposal states, “The mission of the School of Education is to create, share and apply knowledge and to advocate for equal educational opportunities and socially responsible education reform in Iowa, the nation and the world.”

One benefit the school will provide is increased visibility to students interested in pursuing a career as a teacher or administrator.

It also will facilitate further understanding for students who want to be teachers and administrators by combining classes and providing a well-rounded experience.

“[The change] will be seamless for the students,” White said.

Another benefit is that the school will provide greater efficiency of human and financial resources. The two departments will be able to combine aspects such as budget and spending, educators and other resources to make them more effective.

White also said there will be no need for any layoffs, and both majors will be highly involved in the whole process of forming a school.

Dan Robinson, interim chairman for the educational leadership and policy studies department, believes the formation of a School of Education will create a much larger unit with a much stronger voice.

“We will be able to do a lot more with a lot more people,” Robinson said. 

The Board of Regents will announce its decision on Dec. 8. The university is hopeful and will be prepared to move forward in the event of a positive outcome.

“Now the hard work starts,” Robinson said.