Representative Matthew Goodman is “on your team”

Taylor Diles

The city elections are quickly

approaching, and the Daily would like to introduce the student

population to the candidates.

Matthew Goodman began living in Ames

during his freshman year of school at Iowa State in 1991. He

received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry, then continued his

education to receive a master’s degree in biochemistry. During his

time here, he worked in Campustown as a cart vendor, and that lead

him to his current day-job: small-business owner.

Matthew Goodman owns five businesses

in Campustown including The Fighting Burrito, the gyro cart and the

super dog cart. When asked how being a small-business owner affects

his role with the city, Goodman said, “I’ve gotten in touch with a

lot of people. And I’ve become a better problem solver.”

He continued saying jokingly, “I’m

not going around making too crazy of decisions.” 

Goodman served his first term as an

At-Large Representative for the city of Ames in 2004. This means he

represents the city as a whole, not just a particular ward. He

initially ran with the idea to pay back the students.

“My time in Campustown has helped me

appreciate the student lifestyle. I am as empathetic as possible

towards the students. I will make decisions as if I were you,”

Goodman said. “I am on your team.”

Now he is running to make sure the

taxpayers of this city get what they deserve. “Not a single dollar

should be wasted,” Goodman said. 

Goodman also wants to stress how

important it is for students to vote in the upcoming


“The council has a big impact on

Campustown,” he said. “With some of the redevelopment plans, it’s

vital that the students share their views.” He even went so far as

to get satellite voting booths in Parks Library for Tuesday to make

it easier for the students to cast their vote. “It would be nice

for the students to go out and vote there. It would make it not a

complete waste of time,” he joked.

With his experience as a student,

business owner, and city representative, Matthew Goodman has much

to offer. It is up to students to make their voices heard on


“We need to work together to

maintain respect for the entire community,” Goodman