Forestry club gets involved on campus


Photo: Emily Harmon/Iowa State Daily

Ryan Rieger, junior in forestry, and Jarett Cook, second-year graduate student in forestry and sustainable agriculture, compete in the Forestry Club demonstration on Central Campus on Tuesday, Oct. 20. The Forestry Club offers forestry-related events for students to be involved in, including Timbersports. Rieger and Cook make up the team “Holy Rollers,” which competes in Timbersports, like chopping the logs in half the fastest. 

Carly Mckinney

This week, for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Week, the Student Chapter of the Iowa Society of American Foresters/Forestry Club (SAF/FC) gave a demonstration about timbersports, one of the many activities they take part in.

The group has 15 student members, and is open to any student, faculty and staff members associated with Iowa State. The group is responsible for the maintenance of a Christmas tree farm, are able to go to SAF national convention and learn more about forestry issues. Also, they compete in timbersports against other schools and give other demonstrations, like the event they have coming up with the Boy Scouts on Oct. 29 at the tree farm they maintain.

Brandon Davis, co-president of the Forestry Club and sophomore in forestry, said the group brings students interested in forestry together. He says the group benefits from meeting professionals in their field and the club is a great way to get their names out in the forestry community.

Ashley Shepard, member of the Forestry Club and senior in forestry, said her favorite part of being in the club is the timbersports. She participates in the buck saw and hand chop, two of the many events. Shepard said she loves the physical activity. “I’m still new, so it’s still hard for me,” but she said she really likes being part of the group and it helps in her field of study.

Davis said, “I like the Christmas tree sales.” The group grows their own Christmas trees, then sells them at Reiman Gardens. He said they have a tree farm committee, and they are all assigned work days, where the members are required to mow, spray and trim the trees.

Davis also loves getting the chance to meet professors in his major and “see what’s happening in real life with professionals” in the field. He emphasized the friendly environment of the group, where they all work together and make new friends. “The big thing is I made a lot of friends right away. Everyone is so friendly.”

Forestry Club meets at 6 p.m. every other Tuesday in 233 Science II.