Greek community works on Homecoming 2011 lawn displays

Jenna Miller

Lawn displays have been an ISU Homecoming tradition for almost a century.

“Nothing really compares to Iowa State lawn displays,” said Tym Wood, co-chairman on the Homecoming Central Committee for displays.

Drew Brown, the other co-chairman for lawn displays, said, “Iowa State is the only university in the nation that does displays for Homecoming of this magnitude.”

So, why go into all of the work for these displays? “It’s all about Homecoming spirit,” Wood said. “Every display has a story and a skit to go along with it … their character has something to do with Iowa State and … beating the [football] opponent.”

The display also has to tie in with the overall Homecoming theme. This year’s theme is “A Cyclone State of Mind.”

“Five weeks is what we give them to start working on displays,” Brown said. “Then it stops at 6 p.m., Friday, Oct. 21. A lot of chapters will pull all-nighters on that Thursday.”

After that five-week period, the displays are examined by a panel of judges. Brown said the judges are usually ISU faculty or young alumni who have been involved with Homecoming Central in the past. He said that the judges cannot have any greek affiliations. 

“The judging goes off a point-by-point basis,” Wood said. “They’re judged on how it relates to the theme, creativity, organization and how well their act is.”

Displays are only open to the greek community, but there are many other ways for non-greeks to get involved in Homecoming and show off their Cyclone spirit.

“We encourage anybody and everybody to get involved with storefront window and Painting Victory Lane,” Brown said.

These both happened Sunday.