College of Business dean to step down

Mackenzie Nading

After 10 years of dedicated service, motivation and supervision, Labh Hira, dean of the College of Business, is stepping down.

“This was my 11th year as dean,” Hira said. “I believe it’s always great to bring a fresh perspective to a leadership position.”

Although he will no longer be the dean, Hira will continue to be involved in the college. He plans to fill a position as an accounting professor next fall, ending the same way he started at Iowa State 30 years ago. He expressed a love of the student body and feels a strong tie to Iowa State, so staying involved as a professor is what seems right.

“I’ve been here so long I can’t imagine leaving; it’s home,” Hira said. “I’ll enjoy more interaction with the students.”

During Hira’s 10 years, he has helped the College of Business evolve.

“He cares deeply for students, faculty and all our friends and alums,” said Rick Dark, chairman of the department of accounting and finance. “He’s been a very positive leader and individual for the College of Business and the university.”

Four years ago, Hira had a direct hand in starting the Ph.D. program now offered in the college. He also was on the planning committee for Gerdin’s construction six years ago, which he said was his favorite memory as dean.

“I was fortunate to be in the planning committee for this building. I was just selected as dean when building began. It was a great privilege to be involved,” Hira said, “There is no doubt it was a special gift to this college. It has significantly transformed the college giving us pride and visibility.”

Hira will officially step down as dean on June 30. At that time, the new College of Business dean should be ready to step up and fulfill the position.

“I will miss recruiting quality faculty to the college,” Hira said. “That’s the part I really enjoyed. I have definitely enjoyed my time as dean. It’s been a wonderful experience. This student body directly reflects what is good about Iowa.”