In case of a CyRide emergency

Samantha Lee

Last week a Cambus at the University of Iowa hit a 20-year-old pedestrian, and according to the Daily Iowan, officials weren’t sure how they would move forward with improving campus safety.

Sheri Kyras, director of transit for CyRide, said there is strict protocol CyRide follows if there were to be an accident at Iowa State.

If a pedestrian were to be hit by a CyRide bus, the driver must stop and immediately call dispatch and explain the situation.

If there are injuries, Kyras said, the driver then needs to call medical services. If a person is hit on the Iowa State Campus, the Department of Public Safety must be called, and if the accident occurred off campus the Ames police must be called.

What will happen next, Kyras said, is a supervisor will dispatch a team to begin investigating the accident.

Once they arrive, the team will start distributing incident cards to all passengers on the bus and any witnesses, she said.

Some interviews may take place, and measurements will be taken of the scene.

All buses are equipped with cameras. According to Kyras, a full review of the video would be done in-house.

This would be done to determine if the accident was avoidable or not.

After the final conclusion is made, the driver would be disciplined as necessary. The drivers history would be taken into account if they were at fault.

The situation is case by case, Kyras said, there is no one answer to what would happen to the driver.