Cyclone Cinema won’t move from Carver

Megan Eisenmann, freshman in psychology, purchases popcorn before watching free movies on Thursday at Carver Hall. Cyclones Cinema provides free movies every week, which attract many students’ interests. 

Samantha Lee

At the opening weekend of the Cyclone Cinema, 1,400 students watched “Bridesmaids” in Carver 101.

“It has been a good year so far,” said MaryBeth Konkowski, a member of the Student Union Board.

There has been talk that the Cyclone Cinema has had to turn away students because there were no seats open.

Konkowski said the turnout has been much better than in the past. The showings have been full.

However, even though some students have been turned away, never have all showings been completely full.

Konkowski said they are able to meet demand by having two shows Thursday through Sunday. Moving the Cyclone Cinema to Carver, which is a much larger space, has helped make it so everyone who wants to attend, can.

As not every show has been filled completely up, there are no plans to move the Cyclone Cinema or have more show times.

The board still plans on having the parking ramp movie, and there is talk of having classic movies shown.

“We are always thinking of new things to try that are out of the box,” Konkowski said.

To add to the fun, there are film punch cards available. When the card is brought to the showings, it gets hole punched. After three punches, students can bring it to SUB’s office in Memorial Union, entering them in a drawing that will be held at the end of the semester. The grand prize is a $100 gift card to Best Buy.

Getting three punches will not be hard. Each week a new movie is shown.