Letter: Are Iowa State officials ignoring Princeton Review rankings?

The Princeton Review is a credible test preparation and admissions consulting company who ranks schools based on student polls. Recently, the Iowa State Daily came out with two stories regarding the rankings of their reviews. One story dealt with a negative review stating that the Iowa State faculty is inferior compared to the faculty of other major universities. The other dealt with a positive review after students of ISU gave high marks in the ranks of “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports” and “jock schools.” After comparing the positives and negatives of the different rankings, I believe the negatives clearly overpower the positives.

It appears, however, representatives of Iowa State would disagree. Thomas Hill, vice president of student affairs at Iowa State, seems to downplay the ratings, pointing at the record number of student enrollment as a reason not to worry. As a student, I think I hold a lot of gravity in saying this argument is malarkey. If I were a high school student again, I would be very apprehensive in picking a school I knew had negative student opinions of its professors.

Also, record enrollment isn’t something an incoming freshman should view as positive. Record enrollment to me translates to it being even more difficult than it already is getting into the classes of my choice.

My problems with the notion of record enrollment aren’t the greatest of my worries. In itself, ignoring a negative review made by ISU students on Iowa State faculty greatly bothers me. However, it bothers me further that officials would then praise a good review. After Hill brushed off the review on ISU faculty members, Garry Greenlee and Steve Malchow in the next article commended the reviews of Iowa State being at the top of ranks for “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports” and “jock schools.” I understand there being a difference in the parties, but I believe as representatives of Iowa State they should put forward coinciding statements.

Finally, if Iowa State believes it has no reason to worry about a negative review the Princeton Review gives, then it also has no reason to be giddy about a positive one. It’s hypocritical. And frankly, I believe it makes this university look awfully pompous.