Iowa State announces record student enrollment figures

Paige Godden

Iowa State University officially announced record undergraduate, international student and the most diverse student enrollments in the school’s history.

“Most importantly, it means students are choosing Iowa State University,” said Marc Harding, director for admissions.

Dakota Hoben, Government of the Student Body president, agreed.

“It means we’re heading in the right direction,” Hoben said.

Hoben said it means the university is staying attractive to both in-state and out-of-state students.

Harding said the numbers show students value the education and opportunities at Iowa State.

Harding said if students are willing to pay the cost of tuition and fees, it says something about the university.

“I think what it means for students is it’s great,” Harding said.

People are coming here in record numbers for an experience that is in demand, Harding said.

He said the enrollment numbers should give students “a certain level of pride.”

About the most diverse student enrollment in Iowa State’s history, Harding said the university has focused some efforts.

He said diverse students means a lot of things, but one in five students at Iowa State are in a minority.

“It means you get to experience more than a county of students,” Harding said. “You learn from all types of students. That is part of our theory and our mission.”

He said the second-highest graduate student enrollment at Iowa State is a very good number.

Hoben said the record enrollments mean the university’s new strategic plan is working.