Random Acts of Dancing arranges flash mob to take down cancer

Alex Smith

While Cyclone and Hawkeye fans will pack Jack Trice Stadium this weekend, some fans will come together in a flash mob for a special cause — for cancer.

Alissa Dietz, head of the local group Random Acts of Dancing, took the initiative to get Iowa State and University of Iowa students to come together in a flash mob.

“Random Acts of Dancing started out as an attempt for me to cross something off of my ‘bucket list’ and be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Dietz said. “Three events later, it has turned into something much bigger than I had ever imagined. Cancer patients, survivors, saddened family members are sharing their stories with me and I am truly blessed to be a part of this. I hope to make Ames proud.”

The flash mob will consist of people in Random Acts of Dancing, another group called the Cancer Research Spirits and some first-time dancers.

During this routine, the dancers will sport their team colors until the middle of the last song. Under their team colors the mob will have the same shirts on, all reading “Take Down Cancer.” This signifies the ability for people to come together, no matter where they come from, to help fight cancer, whether they’re survivors, friends, family or people just looking to help.

It will be filmed and put on YouTube to promote the National Foundation for Cancer Research’s Take Down Cancer program. Even Fox Sports will be at the game to film the mob due to the effect it has had on so many people.

ISU students have become involved through Facebook and through friends.

“A flash mob has been on my bucket list,” said Kiana Roppe, sophomore in pre-journalism and mass communication. “It’s at the best game of the year, and it benefits a really great cause. I couldn’t say no to it.” 

“Its for cancer, so its for a good cause,” said Mackenzie Philipp, freshman in dietetics.

The T-shirts for the flash mob can be purchased through the Take Down Cancer website and proceeds go to cancer research. People also may make donations to this cause from the same Web page.