Local coffee shops offer study spots for students


Photo Illustration: Suhaib Tawil/Iowa State Daily

Francesca Johnson, Junior in Psychology minor in statistics, studies for her summer classes on Wednesday June 6th at Stomping Grounds.

Amber Mohmand

Iowa State students have popular areas to go on campus to study varying from Parks Library to their dorm rooms. However, many of them rarely leave their Iowa State bubble and explore the city of Ames. Here is a handful of the vast amount of coffee shops Ames has to offer.

Cafe Diem

Cafe Diem is a local coffee shop known for its warm environment, and it’s often a hotspot for students to study with their free wifi. Located on Main Street, students can take either the Red or Green CyRide bus to get there. Inside Cafe Diem, artwork is placed around the shop to support the local artist by promoting and selling their pieces. Cafe Diem also offers monthly specials for their coffee as well as a wide variety of lunch and dessert options. The shop is also known for its quirky tip jar questions and friendly staff greeting customers early in the morning or late in the evening.

Vinyl Cafe

Vinyl Cafe is known for its friendly owner, Blake, and its overflow of vintage vinyls. Located on Kellogg Avenue, students can also take the Red or Green CyRide bus to find this shop. Vinyl Cafe offers a wide variety of vinyls, and customers can grab a cup of coffee and browse through the music. The staff at Vinyl Cafe are also very friendly and offer any type of suggestions varying from coffee to music. They also promote local art and community events at the cafe. 

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds is located on Welch Avenue, so students can either walk from campus on a warm day or take the Gold CyRide bus when it’s cold. Stomping Grounds offers an open environment, and many people stop by to grab a cup of coffee or sit down and enjoy their meal. This place is known for their creative food as well as their coffee, and they have a sitting area with couches for customers to get cozy and read or sit by the window to enjoy their date. Stomping Grounds’ environment is very bright with all the natural light coming through the windows, and it offers a wide variety of books and games to entertain customers. Many customers go here to catch up with a friend, go on a date or study. 

Cafe Milo

 Cafe Milo is a cozy cafe that serves Des Moines’ Friedrichs espresso in creative combinations of flavors. Located on Mortensen Road, students could take either the Red or Cherry bus routes to get there. Cafe Milo offers a warm and bright environment. If customers either want to cozy up on a couch and read a good book or finish some homework during the school year, Cafe Milo can serve these needs. They offer good coffee, healthy lunches and plenty of outlets.